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Designed to detail the benefits of using feed-through products to control nuisance and biting flies around livestock, this website is a reference tool for use on site or in your business. Learn about a comprehensive integrated pest management (IPM) program, understand the true threat of flies and the proper methods of fly control, to share the benefits of a feed-through with your end users.

Fly Identification

Stable Fly

Stable flies will enjoy the blood of both animal and human hosts, causing stress on your livestock and employees.

Face Fly

Face flies feed on secretions around the eyes, nose and mouth of cattle and other livestock, and can carry infection-causing bacteria, including bovine pink eye, to the animal.

Horn Fly

Typically found clustered on the backs of cattle, the horn fly feeds on the blood of animals, taking up to 40 blood meals a day.

House Fly

This pest breeds quickly and efficiently with females depositing 150 eggs at a time. Because of this, populations can increase dramatically in a short period. House flies are known to transmit over 65 diseases.

How Feed-Through Products Work

Conventional pesticides attack the nervous systems of flies. A feed through, such as Altosid® IGR or ClariFly® Larvicide, work by interrupting the fly’s life cycle rather than through direct toxicity. For best results, add feed-through products to your feed supplement 30 days before fly emergence (typically when average daily temperatures reach 65 degrees) and continued throughout the season until 30 days after the first frost.

Altosid® IGR is ingested with the cattle’s mineral or feed. As they graze, cattle disperse the IGR via their manure, where female flies lay their eggs. The eggs hatch into larvae, and after three to five days they molt into pupae. At this point, however, the active ingredient in Altosid® IGR disrupts the development of the fly by naturally mimicking the biochemicals that are responsible for insect development. The fly life cycle is effectively ended here.

ClariFly® Larvicide is mixed into feed or feed supplements, and then is ingested as part of the animals’ daily intake. It then passes through the animals’ digestive systems and ends up in their manure, where flies lay eggs. The mode of action in the active ingredient prevents house flies, stable flies, face flies, and horn flies from developing into adults, interrupting the life cycle.

*ClariFly® Larvicide is approved for Dairy, Swine, Equine, Beef-Feedlot, Beef-Pasture, Sheep and Goats.

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